Which is better, pixel laser or dot matrix laser

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Pixel laser and dot matrix laser are very popular skin beautifying methods. They are very good for freckle removal or acne printing. However, there are some differences between the two. We should choose projects suitable for our own skin problems.

The difference between pixel laser and dot matrix laser which is better

Difference between pixel laser and dot matrix laser

I Laser is different:

Pixel laser is erbium laser.

The lattice laser is a CO2 laser.

II Differences in launch principle

Pixel laser:

A sieve shaped image generator is installed at the front end of the transmitter, and the laser beam is hard divided into multiple small lasers in the process of laser emission. In this way, the energy of the laser beam is dispersed from the distance, but the heat still acts on the skin at the same time.

Lattice laser:

Each laser beam is a brand-new laser beam. These laser beams are extremely small and emit very fast. They are emitted quickly with time difference, which makes people feel that they are emitted to the skin at the same time. The design of dot matrix laser makes the heat of the laser beam reach the skin in several times, giving the skin a buffer period to bear the heat, which has a better effect in reducing pain and side effects. Because the lattice laser emits very fast, all in Taiwan also call the lattice laser “flying shuttle laser” to indicate its fast emission speed. It is precisely because of its fast emission speed that people confuse it with pixel laser.

III Different skin beautifying effects

The focusing micro image beam pulse of pixel laser is called injection skin beautification, because each pulse laser is composed of hundreds of micro laser pulses, which has softer penetration, more uniform and stable energy. Therefore, the treatment process has no discomfort and will not cause skin damage. The new irradiation method can solve the skin problems more carefully and the effect is more prominent. The combination of image beam laser, light wave lapi, carbon explosion ion and other technologies will achieve better results.

Dot matrix laser technology is a new minimally invasive skin beauty technology. This technology uses the principle of dot matrix photothermal action to evenly punch tiny holes on the skin, and then cause a series of skin biochemical reactions to tighten and tender the skin, remove scars and whiten the skin.

Which is better, pixel laser or dot matrix laser

In fact, the two terms refer to the same technology, but because the working materials of laser are different, the wavelength of light produced is different, the absorption of water is different, and the depth of action is also different. The action level of dot matrix is deeper, and the heat conduction is deeper, the action level of pixel is shallower, and the heat conduction of skin is shallower or not, so it has less stimulation to deep collagen. The design of dot matrix laser makes the heat of the laser beam reach the skin in several times, giving the skin a buffer period to bear the heat, which has a better effect in reducing pain and side effects.

Pixel laser principle

Pixel laser is a multi-point focusing laser technology. Each pulse laser of the instrument is composed of nearly 100 micro laser pulses, and the spot area of each micro laser is only 75-100um. It is a new laser skin changing mode. It is very effective against skin problems such as chloasma, pigmentation, uneven skin color, rough and dry skin, large pores, small wrinkles, photoaging skin, superficial acne marks and so on.

Pixel laser experience

I still remember the day of treatment. I came to the hospital early to prepare. Although I knew it was non-surgical and would not cause any harm, I was still a little nervous. Maybe I wanted to change too much! After that, under the leadership of the nurse, I cleaned my face, removed my makeup, and then applied anesthetic ointment. After the anesthesia took effect, I entered the treatment room! When I was in the treatment room, director Hu Ruifen put on goggles for me, and then the treatment really started. To tell the truth, it didn’t hurt. It was a little hot when I contacted the skin. It took about half an hour. After the treatment, director Yin gave me ice compress and told me some precautions. Then I left the hospital and went home!

Later, in order to consolidate the effect, I did pixel laser treatment twice. After the course of treatment, my skin really had a great improvement. Not only the problem of large pores was solved, but also my skin became particularly white and tender, just like it just grew out! Now, people who know me or don’t know me praise my good skin and say I look very young. I’m very happy to hear this, ha ha!