What is the effect of dot matrix laser?

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The actual effect of laser dot matrix surgery is very good for removing acne marks, spots and scars, and the treatment time generally only takes more than ten minutes to completely complete the actual effect of removing spots and scars. This is also a beauty and skin care method selected by many female friends who pursue beauty. In view of the actual effect of laser dot matrix surgical treatment, we should do a good job in the medical care of surgical treatment according to the suggestions of doctors, and select a good beauty salon to ensure the actual effect of treatment.

Practical effect of dot matrix laser in removing acne pits

Laser lattice can change the transmission mode of traditional laser into a unique mode. According to the, a laser beam is divided into more than 100 beams, and the kinetic energy of each fine light line is greatly weakened, which can just pass through the superficial part of the skin to achieve the dermis and stimulate the proliferation of collagen proteins and collagen fibers in the dermal tissue. In addition to the cutting effect of the laser, these uneven pockmarks can be repaired and leveled, so as to achieve the actual effect of removing scars and pits.

Therapeutic category of laser dot matrix:

  1. Remove all kinds of scars, wrinkles, acne marks, pits, tattoos, spots and color sink
  2. Remove pigmented moles, warts, sores, skin warts and hemangiomas at all positions of the epidermis
  3. Partial and all-round skin rejuvenation, repair aging skin, improve uneven skin color, large pores on the skin and face, unsmooth skin and loose skin.

Laser dot matrix treatment of acne pits is a new and upgraded laser skin changing method. It has remarkable therapeutic effects on all-round skin rejuvenation, scars, acne scars, wrinkles, color spots, large pores on the face, unsmooth skin and brittle skin, because this technology has the characteristics of micro trauma, simple operation steps, short surgical recovery period and obvious practical effect, It is very common in foreign countries and has become a new love of minimally invasive beauty. The practical effect of laser dot matrix in the treatment of acne pits is outstanding.

Side effects of dot matrix laser anti acne pit

In the case of laser acne pit removal, it is not easy to cause harm to all normal skin tissues around the acne scar, which can very well prevent scar confusion after treatment. Laser removal of acne pits is not easy to have various side effects caused by traditional technology, such as red blood filaments, burning, scarring and so on. On the contrary, removing acne scars according to laser surgery can also achieve irritation to the proliferation of collagen powder in subcutaneous tissue, which can well change the type of skin.

The actual effect of removing pits by laser is very good, so as to achieve the purpose of removing pits. Lasers with special colors are always absorbed by matching colors. Therefore, only some somatic cells with diseases can absorb special lasers. The treatment effect of removing acne pits by laser is very good. The cutting effect of laser can also integrate the dual effects of removing acne and scars. It has a stronger treatment effect on youth acne marks. It is a safe, reasonable and no side effect way to remove acne pits. According to the treatment of many treatment processes, there will be a satisfactory effect.

In general, the actual effect of laser dot matrix surgery on the deposition of melanin such as spots, scars and acne marks is relatively good, and the side effects of laser dot matrix are relatively small. It is suitable for basin friends with more acne marks and chloasma on the face, but we should pay attention to the environmental hygiene of the skin after surgery to prevent allergic symptoms.

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