What can dot matrix CO2 laser rejuvenation do?

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Beauty is the goal that women have been pursuing. To be beautiful, first of all, skin beauty is very important. If there are some scars on the skin, it will appear that the skin is very rough and affect a person’s personal image. Therefore, now some people want to do everything possible to treat scars. So, what can dot matrix CO2 laser rejuvenation do?

What can dot matrix CO2 laser rejuvenation do

Lattice CO2 laser is a technology of laser skin repair and reconstruction. Therefore, dot matrix laser is often used to treat various scars. Dot matrix CO2 laser treatment of scar is a breakthrough in scar treatment. Its curative effect is better than external anti scar drugs in non-surgical treatment. However, the effect of laser treatment of scar is to improve. Attention is only to improve, not to remove. Through multiple treatments (3 ~ 5 times), the improvement rate is generally between 40-80%. It can mainly improve the flatness, texture and color of scars (the effect of old white scars is poor)

CO2 laser is an exfoliative laser (exfoliative, that is, it will scab), which is similar to dermabrasion, which can repair and rebuild the skin (without breaking or standing, there is a kind of idea of shoveling the wall and scraping putty), but a wide range of treatment is easy to produce color sink, color exfoliation, and even scars. This is not effective when it is shallow, unsafe and embarrassing when it is deep.

What can dot matrix CO2 laser rejuvenation do

The dot matrix mode laser is different. When this laser acts on the skin, the normal skin is between the two points. In this way, on the premise of ensuring enough deep puncture depth, the skin can recover quickly and is not easy to produce side effects.

Effect of dot matrix CO2 laser on skin rejuvenation

  1. Pox pit or chickenpox pit
  2. The surgical scar, especially the scar on the knife edge, is uneven
  3. Burns and other post-traumatic scars, especially those that have been thick for a year or two
  4. Swelling lines (special types of scars)
  5. It can also be used to tighten the skin and remove the problems such as large pores, small texture, skin relaxation and so on.

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