What are the advantages of dot matrix laser scar removal

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The face is a person’s “Facade”, which determines your appearance and even affects your life to a certain extent. Therefore, having a scar on your face is a very distressing thing. So, what method can get rid of scars? Now dot matrix laser scar removal is more popular in the medical and beauty industry.

What is dot matrix laser scar removal? Dot matrix laser treatment of scars is to evenly punch tiny holes on the skin with a laser. The laser can penetrate the deep layer of the dermis, improve the blood circulation of the skin, rearrange the elastic fibers of the dermis and increase the effect of collagen tissue, so as to make the concave scars bulge and fill.

The great advantage of dot matrix laser is “micro bridge” segmented treatment. The large light spot is decomposed into several small beams to act on the scar. Each time, only part of the scar is treated by laser, and the untreated part is like a bridge between the scar tissue damaged by laser treatment. In this way, the damaged part after treatment heals faster and the treatment is safer.

  1. Deep treatment: promote blood circulation, prevent blood clots and scars, and inhibit virus growth.
  2. Safe and painless: no irritation, no tingling, no anesthesia, no hospitalization, free control, no side effects, safe and reliable. Unlike the traditional dermabrasion, there is no flesh and blood blur. After treatment, there is no bandage, rapid recovery, and no impact on daily work and life.
  3. Wide range of application: various skin types can be applied. The treatment position includes not only the face, but also the neck, chest, abdomen, arms, back of hands, legs and feet.
  4. Rapid effect: the scab of the wound falls off automatically after more than 4-7 days. After 3-6 courses of treatment, the local skin of the patient is improved to varying degrees, the scar range is significantly reduced, the appearance is close to flat, and the pigment tends to be uniform. Its unique planing effect can make the skin surface smooth and bright.
  5. Beneficial to health: the dot matrix laser will stimulate the regeneration function of the skin and the proliferation of collagen, so as to increase the thickness of the dermis, stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the metabolism of skin cells, promote lymphatic circulation, help metabolism and accelerate healing.