Super pulsed CO 2 lattice laser?

We firmly believe that many people do not know its therapeutic value, let alone the therapeutic goal of this kind of method. Therefore, we can master the contents described in detail below according to the understanding of ultra single pulse CO2 laser lattice. Ultra single pulse CO2 laser dot matrix can shrink pores, acne scars and irritating collagen. It is very good, and can avoid skin recession. For its basic principle of treatment, we can master the following contents.

1、 Carbon dioxide laser dot matrix has achieved remarkable results in treating facial problems

It is said that carbon dioxide laser dot matrix is a small expert in shrinking pores and removing acne pits. I was the first to describe the basic principle of the laser dot matrix: the dot matrix laser sends out a drainage matrix laser as thin as hair, which is arranged into points. It produces countless tiny wounds on part of the skin that are invisible to the human eye. The laser goes directly to the dermis. According to the basic principle of destruction and reconstruction, Stimulating collagen remodeling. In a word, the damaged area is destroyed. After collagen is reconstituted, the dented skin pores are of course wiped out.

Facial anti-aging

The carbon dioxide laser as thin as hair and arranged in a drainage matrix can immediately penetrate into the dermis, vaporize the tissue at the wrinkles or scars in an instant, cause thermal damage, and then start a strong data signal to generate collagen, opening a series of skin reactions such as tissue repair and collagen reconstruction. Collagen reconstruction makes the skin more and more compact, glossy and extensible. It can make up for pits, reduce wrinkles and remove eye bags. In addition to whitening and wrinkle removal, large melanin soft spots are blasted into smoke and dust by engineering, or discharged out of the body with white debris, or slowly transported out with blood circulation, so as to achieve the actual effect of spot removal and skin whitening.

2、 Laser dot matrix facial anti-aging treatment

  1. Treatment of acne, scars, etc
  2. Removal of wrinkles and fine lines on the upper eyelid and canthus
  3. Reasonably improve facial and frontal folds, bony joint folds and stretch marks
  4. Treatment of pigmented diseases such as freckles and zygomatic mother spots
  5. Firm and improve skin
  6. Stretch marks and other deep scars

3、 Advantages of carbon dioxide laser dot matrix facial anti-aging

  1. The microplate dot matrix laser technology (diameter 0.1mm), which is the international leader, is selected, with less skin trauma and shorter repair time
  2. The scanner is accurately controlled on the computer, with a variety of pattern settings. The treatment area with a large scanner of 15x15xmm can be treated more quickly. 3. Balance the step-by-step scanner and reject the additional heat loss caused by the coincidence of light spots
  3. Multi gear kinetic energy is accurately controlled on the computer, which is gradually adjustable for more detailed treatment and safety

4、 Necessary medical care after operation

Postoperative protective measures are also necessary.

In summary, three points need to be paid attention to for safety protection after operation: sunscreen repair, moisturizing and moisturizing. Sunscreen isolation must be guaranteed. Whether it is sunscreen isolation or physical military, the more attention, the better. In addition, during operation recovery period, it is possible to spray some repair factors, and apply daily medical equipment replenishment mask to restore the actual effect.

With regard to the basic principle of surgical treatment of ultra single pulse CO2 laser dot matrix introduced in detail in this paper, we firmly believe that everyone should understand that this kind of surgical method has a very good effect on removing scars and acne marks, can repair the unevenness of the face, and is also very effective in promoting the dissolution of melanin in the face.

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