Specification for skin dot matrix laser

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What is the specification of skin dot matrix laser? Now there are more and more laser beauty equipment, and the dot matrix laser has also changed from traditional stripping treatment to non stripping treatment. Its main function depends on the wavelength, different wavelengths, different treatment items and different effects. The dot matrix laser treatment project is relatively extensive, which stimulates the skin to repair itself, so as to achieve the effect of firming, rejuvenating and removing color spots, and the effect can be seen after completion. 1、 The key to the standardized vascular changes of dot matrix laser is to have blood. Dry skin is really dry, because there are few skin glands and the skin is very thin, it is easy to see flocculent capillary dilation. In addition, dot matrix laser is also a good treatment effect for skin sagging, wrinkles, hair follicles and gland changes. The low light emitted by dot matrix laser will be absorbed by the water in the mechanism, resulting in several small cylindrical structure heat damage areas, Then it causes a series of biochemical reactions of the skin, which exceeds the actual tightening effect, whitens, restores skin vitality and removes color spots. It can be said that in terms of conservative treatment, dot matrix laser is a more comprehensive, practical and effective treatment method, and it is the gold standard of non-surgical treatment for young people. Laser skin beauty – special groups need to be carefully selected. Generally, if the skin is normal and there are no wounds and scars, dot matrix laser can be done. However, it is not for pregnant women. In basic theory, dot matrix laser is only harmful to the eyes and exposed skin. However, pregnant women will feel anxiety, pain and other pain during the whole treatment process. It is not proposed to do so in a unique period. According to different machines and equipment, for different skin problems, from the perspective of treatment, dot matrix laser can be divided into stripping and non stripping. After non stripping dot matrix laser treatment, there is no wound or scar and does not damage normal life. Stripping laser treatment requires 10 days of scar time. Both belong to stripping laser. Generally, an effective treatment must be 3-5 times, and the actual effect can last for 6-12 months. After one effect, increase the number of treatments every 3-6 months. 2、 Problems that lattice laser can solve 1 Wrinkles, looseness and coarse pores. 2. Sunken scars caused by various reasons (acne scars, etc.) 3 Treatment of chloasma and atrophic stria. 4. Skin aging. Dot matrix laser taboo crowd: 1 Scar constitution. 2. patients with severe diabetes and hypertension. 3. Mental patients, or people with high expectations for treatment. 4. Active vitiligo and psoriasis, systemic lupus erythematosus. 5. Pregnancy or lactation. 6. Mild allergy. 7. Those who have undergone chemical peeling, grinding and other skin replacement operations. 8. Those who use retinoic acid. 9. People who are unwilling to accept sunscreen and grinding risks after surgery. On the content sorting of dot matrix laser, I hope it will be helpful to you.