New facial scar plastic technology, ultra pulsed CO2 laser dot matrix, scar treatment

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Scar is an extremely ugly existence, especially when it appears on the face. What is the scar? Stay small fox to tell you that scar is a general term for the appearance and histopathological changes of normal skin tissue caused by various trauma.

The essence of scar is an abnormal and imperfect tissue that does not have normal skin tissue structure and physiological function and loses normal tissue vitality. The clinical features are abnormal pigment, abnormal proliferation and expansion of blood vessels, uneven surface, reduced elasticity, increased hardness and atrophy to varying degrees.

Scars bring great physical and mental pain to patients, especially scars left after burns, scalds and severe trauma. The years of scar hyperplasia almost make the patients miserable. The later atrophic period makes the patient beyond recognition and dysfunction, resulting in great physical and mental obstacles.

What is a dot matrix laser?

Dot matrix is a technology. The real significance of dot matrix is that it emits countless lasers as fine as hair on the skin, which are arranged in a matrix, which can directly penetrate into the lower layer of the skin, vaporize the tissue at wrinkles or scars in an instant, and send a powerful signal of synthetic collagen, so as to start a series of skin reactions such as tissue repair and collagen rearrangement.

The normal skin is retained between the pores. Through the role of “bridge”, the transverse repair mechanism is started to accelerate the skin recovery. The epidermis will completely heal within 8 hours, and the skin will return to its normal appearance in 3-6 days. The internal collagen regeneration can last up to 6 months or even 6 years.

The technical theory was first proposed by Dr. Rox Anderson, the founder of laser theory in Wilman Laboratory of Harvard University, and then applied to clinic. It is welcomed by the majority of patients because it can increase the curative effect without increasing the healing time.

Only the dot matrix technology with optional spot diameter, treatment depth, density and treatment energy is the real dot matrix.

Only the dot matrix laser meeting such conditions can meet the personalized treatment needs of patients. The ultra pulse CO2 dot matrix laser is the spokesman of the dot matrix.

Strategy of super pulsed CO2 dot matrix in the treatment of scar

The birth of ultra pulsed CO2 dot matrix laser broke the traditional standard of scar treatment. In the past, the treatment of scar was aimed at rescue. Now it is more appropriate, and the improvement of appearance and limb function is more important.

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