Lattice laser principle?

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The actual effect of laser dot matrix on scar and spot removal is relatively prominent. The key is that the laser dot matrix can promote the dissolution of melanin. According to the purpose of scar falling off and spot dissolution of heated skin, but the skin after operation is more sensitive and needs to pay attention to postoperative skin care. The basic principle of laser dot matrix is to use the heat of the light source to disperse into several fine light spots, which can alleviate the damage to the tissue.

Laser dot matrix is a popular plastic surgery nowadays. Its key efficacy targets are all groups with defective skin. As the best technology at this stage, the safety factor of laser dot matrix is still guaranteed, but it will have some side effects more or less. The basic principle of laser dot matrix is also very simple, It is mainly based on the technology of laser heating skin to achieve the purpose of removing color spots or depilation.

1、 The basic principle of the application of laser dot matrix is the technical nature of laser scalding, which is a kind of surgical treatment close to the middle of invasive minimally invasive surgery. The laser dot matrix can disperse multiple more subtle light spots from the originally concentrated light spots, so that all normal tissues in the middle of heat damage are not easy to be affected. These skin can be used as a heat diffusion area, which can ensure the effectiveness of treatment, It can also relieve the pain of patients.

2、 The advantage of laser dot matrix depends on its relatively small side effects. In addition, for such minimally invasive surgical treatment, the skin repair rate of patients after surgery will be faster. In the whole process of implementing laser dot matrix surgery, the heat diffusion area can be controlled by human factors, so that the heat damage can be greatly reduced and the pain of laser treatment can be reduced, Reduce the total area of the wound and make the patient recover in a shorter time.

3、 Although the safety factor of laser dot matrix is relatively high, it also has certain side effects. When the laser dot matrix is heated, it is likely to hurt the skin of the body. In addition, it can also cause the expansion of skin pores in a short time. If you don’t pay attention to hygiene after operation, it is very easy to cause infection. Therefore, before the laser dot matrix operation is carried out, We must have a certain grasp of this situation, so that we can make an appropriate choice.

4、 The basic principle of laser dot matrix is mainly the technology of laser scalding, and it has certain controllability in the whole process of implementation, so that we can greatly reduce the damage to our skin, and the time of skin repair will be faster. After laser dot matrix surgery, we must pay attention to the environmental hygiene of our skin to prevent infection.

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