Is there any anesthetic for dot matrix laser

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The dot matrix laser has slight pain, but the pain is not strong. Generally speaking, this is tolerable. Therefore, dot matrix laser has no anesthesia link, so friends who are afraid of pain don’t have to worry too much. There will be slight pain during dot matrix laser. Generally speaking, it is tolerable. Generally speaking, anesthesia is not required during the operation. Rest for 3-5 days after operation and pay attention to sunscreen, which has little impact on work and study.

Is there any anesthetic for dot matrix laser

(1) Is there any anesthetic for dot matrix laser:

According to personal conditions, anesthetics are generally not required. People who are afraid of pain can temporarily use painkillers. Patients with mild pain and poor tolerance during dot matrix laser treatment can use analgesic ointment 1-2 hours in advance. However, in dot matrix laser treatment, the pain may be more obvious. Local anesthesia can be used before dot matrix laser pox pit treatment.

(2) Advantages of lattice laser:

① Dot matrix laser can quickly improve the skin quality, tighten the skin, improve the coarse pores, and make the skin as smooth and tender as water. This technology is a perfect combination of various clinical modes of laser cosmetology, and it is an international leading wrinkle removal and rejuvenation technology.

② Dot matrix laser can effectively avoid side effects such as thermal injury, promote skin healing process and restore daily activities in a short time.

③ Ultra pulse micro bridge dot matrix laser has raised laser beauty to a new level. Doctors can use its unique function to carry out art comprehensive treatment. One treatment can meet the unique beauty needs of beauty lovers.

(3) Precautions after dot matrix laser:

① Strengthen water replenishment

After dot matrix laser treatment, the skin metabolism is accelerated, and the skin is more dry and lack of water. In order to ensure the recovery speed, water must be replenished in time. It is recommended to bring moisturizing spray with you once every hour.

② Don’t stay up late.

Night is a golden time for skin self-healing. Staying up late will delay the recovery time of the skin due to poor detoxification and metabolism.

③ Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in water, vitamin C and various minerals, which can provide sufficient nutrition for new cells. Therefore, they are very beneficial to the skin recovery after dot matrix laser treatment.

The recovery after dot matrix laser treatment is fast. Generally, normal life can be restored after 4-5 days. Although dot matrix laser does not need surgery, due to the peeling nature of treatment, adequate preoperative preparation must be made before dot matrix laser surgery. Specific matters are as follows: clean the face before treatment without leaving cosmetics. Before operation, ensure good health without infectious diseases or other physical inflammation. Do not make up before operation. Women should avoid special periods.