Is laser wrinkle removal effective? How about the application of pulsed CO2 dot matrix laser?

Is laser wrinkle removal effective? How about the application of pulsed CO2 dot matrix laser? Using laser technology to irradiate the skin can thicken the layer and reduce wrinkles. Its principle is: stimulate the damaged collagen layer to produce new collagen, so as to fill the wrinkled skin caused by the reduction of collagen; Heating the tissue layer, using the human body’s own repair function to stimulate tissue regeneration and reconstruction, so as to thicken it.

Laser wrinkle removal can find wrinkles, stimulate collagen proliferation, smooth wrinkles, and improve skin problems such as color spots, large pores, strong oil secretion, acne marks and pits. It has the advantages of short action time, fast treatment and little damage.

Laser wrinkle removal is different from the traditional wrinkle removal method. It is non-invasive and leaves no trace. Laser wrinkle removal only needs the probe to gently massage. One laser wrinkle removal treatment can tighten the original collagen and stimulate the formation of new collagen. After wrinkle removal, the effect is immediate. For busy office workers, laser wrinkle removal is the best choice. In general, laser wrinkle removal is the most safe and effective facial wrinkle removal method at present.

Wrinkle removal operation

  1. Before dot matrix laser wrinkle removal, the machine needs to be preheated for 20 minutes. At this time, necessary skin care will be done to clean the facial skin.
  2. Before the dot matrix laser wrinkle removal treatment, you need to wear a protective eye mask. The doctor will adjust the treatment parameters and laser energy according to the skin condition, and then irradiate the light emitted by the laser on the wrinkled skin.
  3. Dot matrix laser wrinkle removal should actively cooperate according to the requirements of the doctor, without fear of anesthesia, and discuss with the doctor according to their own tolerance. To establish confidence, we should carefully implement the doctor’s orders and treatment after laser wrinkle removal, and do it as required to prevent complications.

Application of pulsed CO2 lattice laser

The leading species are age-related skin changes, especially those related to sun exposure. With age, our skin will become more and more relaxed. With the increase of sunlight, our skin will have all kinds of worse changes than relaxation, such as skin sagging, wrinkles, pigmented skin lesions and vascular abnormalities. All these changes can be alleviated by dot matrix laser.

The second important condition is scar. Whether it is thick scar, fine scar, abnormal pigment, surgical scar or burn scar, we can improve almost all types of scars. I personally like to use ultra pulsed CO2 laser to treat patients with scars with abnormal pigment, because they usually respond well to treatment. This device may also be the current method for treating hyperplastic scars or thick scars. After receiving treatment, almost every patient’s scar has improved to some extent. However, we can’t immediately determine who has a good treatment effect and who has a bad one. However, we do know that these different types of scars will improve, and most patients will benefit from treatment.

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