Is dot matrix laser effective in removing acne pits

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Dot matrix laser can remove acne pits, and the effect is good. Dot matrix laser anti acne pits are repaired from the deep through the principle of laser. Dot matrix laser anti acne pits are now a very mature beauty project.

Can dot matrix laser remove acne pits? Is dot matrix laser effective in removing acne pits

Can dot matrix laser remove acne pits


Dot matrix laser is a treatment method that uses laser to evenly punch tiny holes on the skin, and uses the photothermal effect to stimulate the skin to repair itself, so as to achieve the purpose of removing acne pits. It has been used at home and abroad, and the therapeutic effect is very remarkable.

Is dot matrix laser effective in removing acne pits

Safe and effective, fast recovery.

Dot matrix laser divides each pulse laser into nearly 100 micro laser pulses, and each micro laser spot is only 75-100um. When these micro laser beams act on the skin surface, they will stimulate the growth of collagen and elastic fibers in subcutaneous dermal tissue, which belongs to minimally invasive surgery. Moreover, because only part of the skin tissue will be covered during treatment, and the newly punched holes will not overlap with each other, part of the normal skin will be retained from injury, which can speed up the tissue recovery, and the patient can return to normal life in four to five days.

Experience of dot matrix laser anti acne pit

Since the beginning of medical beauty in 15 years, I have done dot matrix eight times. My main appeal is to do pox pits. There are many small ones on my cheeks, and what I do is carbon dioxide dot matrix. I decided this after doing my homework for a long time. I also did a non stripping lattice before. The effect is very small, and the price is almost or more expensive. So we made carbon dioxide with the highest cost performance and risk.

There are still some effects, which will become shallow. It should be impossible to completely eliminate them. In addition, the dot matrix has the effect of removing acne marks. This is what I have found these times. After each scab is removed, the acne marks will be light, and it is not easy to grow acne in places where there are many times of playing. After removing scabs, we must do a good job in sunscreen and moisturizing repair. Later repair is very important, and the effect may be halved due to improper care.

Dietary contraindications after dot matrix laser

Eat less greasy food, such as fried tea and spicy food.

2 over eating spicy and irritating food is easy to dilate blood vessels around hair follicles and aggravate symptoms.