Eco2 acne removing and skin rejuvenating effect is unparalleled

With the rapid development of plastic surgery technology, acne removal methods emerge one after another. At present, acne removal projects have added a heavyweight new member – eco2, which is a high-end dot matrix laser skin beautifying instrument updated and developed by lucroli company in the United States. It can effectively solve a series of skin problems such as fine lines, large pores, acne pits and marks, and has the characteristics of comfortable treatment and fast recovery. In order to let everyone have a deeper understanding of the treatment process and postoperative effect of laser acne and scar removal by eco2, today, some beauty seekers were invited to the hospital for on-site experience.

When it comes to eco2 acne removing and scar removing laser treatment, some people who seek beauty are still more cautious. Will there be pain in the treatment process? Will you be allergic after treatment?

As today’s experimenter, Ms. Wu personally experienced laser eco2. Her face was covered with acne pits and marks, but she was afraid to try any laser treatment project because she was afraid of pain. Before the experience, she was still a little nervous. Xinhua Meitian’s nurse carefully cleaned her face and applied anesthetic. After half an hour, song Yanzhe, director of the laser department, personally treated her with facial eco2.

“When the red laser hits the face, it feels hot. It’s like a rubber band. There’s no obvious pain,” Ms. Wu said Thirty minutes later, after the treatment was finished, the doctor put an ice bag for her and made her SPA mask. “Unexpectedly, laser skin beautification doesn’t hurt at all. This experience is really a long knowledge. We should do more such treatment in the future!”

The main feature of eco2 is its patented chaos control technology (CCT) ™), It is used to calculate the distance between each randomly transmitted laser beam to maximize it, eliminate the cross thermal diffusion between adjacent burning Microcolumns (MACS), and greatly increase the heat dissipation of the tissue between each light spot. The result is to increase the safety of treatment, reduce postoperative discomfort, accelerate wound healing, and its skin rejuvenation effect is unparalleled.

What problems can eco2 solve:

  1. Wrinkles
  2. Multiple scars (e.g., acne and surgical scars)
  3. Skin discoloration
  4. Pigmented lesions
  5. Telangiectasia
  6. Photoelastic tissue degeneration
  7. Actinic keratosis

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