Dot matrix laser pit?

Laser dot matrix surgery is an excellent whitening method, which can remove acne pits and chloasma on the face. However, everyone should pay attention to the application target of laser dot matrix. Laser dot matrix can not be carried out for friends with sensitive faces. The actual effect of laser dot matrix on acne removing pits is relatively good, and it can make collagen powder grow at specific positions to fill the condition of acne scars. We can master its treatment methods.

1、 Distinguish your own skin condition!

If you also have pimples and blackheads that grow old, you need to remove and fight infection first. If it is not for sensitive skin, you can choose fruit acid treatment, sterilization and facial exfoliation.

If you also have red papules, you need oral external application and anti infection treatment. In addition, you can choose to cooperate with direct red and blue light and photon treatment. If you have some dents and hyperplasia, you can choose a laser dot matrix.

2、 How does “Acne Scar” come into being?

In the whole healing process of severe acne, collagen tissue is seriously damaged, resulting in scars on the surface of the skin. It is reflected by dents or highlights on the surface of the skin. Naturally, your skin care ability varies from person to person. Some people’s skin repair function is very good. Generally, the acne on the face is crowded, and the largest number produces pigment precipitation, which will gradually return. However, some people’s skin repair ability is poor, which eventually turns into large pox pits and small pox pits

3、 Treatment of pox pits with laser dot matrix

Laser dot matrix divides each pulse light into more than 100 micro laser single pulses, and each micro laser spot is only 75-100um. When this fine particle beam works on the surface of the skin, it will stimulate the growth and development of collagen protein and collagen fiber in subcutaneous tissue and dermal tissue. Light scars, remove acne marks, and then achieve the actual effect of removing acne marks.

You need to understand:

  1. Different light wavelengths of the laser can deal with different skin problems;
  2. Changing the wavelength of light requires some kind of substance;
  3. This material is divided into solid state (emerald and blue gem).

In fact, according to the power generation effect of light and heat, specific skin positions and levels are damaged, prompting the body to repair itself, causing fibrous cells and collagen fibers to flatten part of the missing dent.

The application of laser dot matrix in clinical medicine is more common. It can be used to treat skin problems such as youth acne marks, fine wrinkles, skin aging, chloasma, freckles, large pores on the face, dark yellow and so on, especially for acne marks. The clinical medical application has confirmed the ultra minimally invasive surgery such as laser dot matrix The safe and convenient laser beauty and skin changing system can eliminate acne marks step by step and repair smooth and delicate skin.

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