Dot matrix laser freckle removal?

The key to removing spots with microwave is that it’s not expensive to remove spots. It’s also an excellent way to remove spots with microwave. Generally speaking, it’s not expensive to use it for 3 ~ 3 times, Naturally, after dot matrix laser speckle removal, we must master some common problems. Let’s look at these aspects.

Dot matrix laser speckle removal

Dot matrix laser speckle removal compared with traditional speckle removal methods, dot matrix laser speckle removal is completely eliminated. For some vascular spots, such as hemangioma, laser dot matrix plastic surgery is implemented to slowly recover the skin. Under normal circumstances? Can be treated with laser dot matrix cosmetic surgery. In addition to all kinds of black spots on the skin, the laser dot matrix can also eliminate other skin problems. Even tattoos and eyebrows can be removed with the laser dot matrix.

Charging standard for removing sunburn with laser dot matrix

  1. One time price: 3000-5000 yuan / time
  2. Frequency of treatment process: 3-5 times / treatment process. There is also a significant improvement after one treatment and repair. The interval between each treatment is 4 weeks, and the actual effect of the treatment process is maintained for 12-24 months. If it needs to be maintained all the time, it can carry out improved treatment every 3 months.
  3. Basic principle of speckle removal: dot matrix laser is a way of laser transmission. A unique image generator (CPG) is installed in the laser dot matrix. The image generator changes the transmission mode of light. The laser dot matrix can send 50 light through the high condenser μ m-80 μ M, and this focal spot scanner can produce up to 6 kinds of rectangular frame patterns (ring, square, square, prism, triangle and linear), which are applicable to the treatment of different positions and different skin types.
  4. Side effects: some swelling, itching and scarring occurred 2-3 days after the operation, and dissipated slowly 5-7 days later; There is a high level of pigmentation 3-5 days after the operation, but generally without treatment. Pigmentation can dissipate spontaneously within 2-4 months.

5, common problems: after treatment, the crust is not touched before the skin falls, not rubbing, spicy, and baijiu. In recent days, the food is tasked with deep colors. The scab should fall off and not be forced to fall off. It also prevents entry to vigorous exercise to prevent infection after sweating. After the operation, pay attention to prevent sun exposure, wear a sun hat and a sun umbrella when going out, and apply sunscreen and isolation products externally.

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