Dot matrix Laser Acne?

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Laser dot matrix is a new whitening method. It has the characteristics of faster treatment speed and good treatment effect. There are many new treatment projects, such as removing color spots and removing acne scars. In addition, the actual effect of removing acne marks is also very good. It is a better whitening method. It can repair and rebuild the tissue of hair follicles, It can promote the reconstruction of collagen powder. Let’s look at these aspects.

Dot matrix Laser Acne Removal

Dot matrix laser acne removal refers to the use of laser dot matrix to remove acne marks and pits. The inflammatory response caused by acne is the most important factor in the generation of acne scars in youth. With the severity of inflammatory response, it is different from that in the deep.

Inflammation leads to tissue destruction, tissue shrinkage and scarring. After the damage of some indoor space left after tissue destruction, light pits appear. The shrinkage of skin, dermis and human fat further worsens the pits, and makes the whole face look thinner, looser and look old, The involvement of scar tissue will lead to the abnormality of facial muscle fitness exercise. In addition, the reconstruction ability of the skin after serious damage is worse, and the damage of collagen powder and collagen fiber also makes the skin less and less malleable and wrinkled in advance. The abnormal melanin caused by scar and the expansion of common capillaries all affect the appearance of the face. Authoritative experts from Schmidt emphasize that the dot matrix laser treatment of acne scars is a better method to remove acne.

Dot matrix laser acne removal has many advantages

  1. Very safe and harmless. Dot matrix laser the laser dot matrix system is selected for removing acne marks. With the dissolving effect of the laser on the tissue, the diameter of 120-1200 can be made on the skin μ M microplate with hole spacing of 500 μ m. The microplate can be closed within one day after treatment, which can not be seen by human eyes, and there is very little exudation, bleeding and infection. Boutique recommendation; Comparison diagram of Laser Acne Removal
  2. Humanized treatment plan can be customized. The laser spot array can be customized according to the requirements of laser treatment. In the case of treatment, the diameter and depth of the microplate can be adjusted. In all lasers, only the treatment scope of laser dot matrix can complete 5-100% adjustment, and one treatment can produce outstanding effects.
  3. Full light wavelength lethality. Compared with the traditional laser, the dot matrix laser has stronger lethality. It can go directly to the deep layer of the dermis of the human facial skin, stimulate the damaged part of the dermis tissue to repair, and make the dermis cause a large amount of collagen and reorder, which has the actual effect of whitening and rejuvenating the skin.

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