CO2 dot matrix laser improves pigmented skin

fractional co2 laser machine

Pigmented skin is that we can often see that many pigmented spots will appear on our face after middle-aged and elderly people, which will affect our facial beauty. The traditional laser is used to remove our pigmented spots, and there are many side effects. Generally, don’t try it easily. The dot burst laser (FP) quoted in recent years can overcome these side effects.

Traditional CO2 stripping laser

Like our traditional CO2 exfoliative laser, it can indeed change the skin texture, but its serious side effects hinder the large-scale implementation of the project. The return to work period is long, the transient reaction is heavy, the proportion of pigmentation is high (40% – 50% for dark skinned people), and persistent hypopigmentation may occur. The re epithelialization of CO2 laser skin rejuvenation occurred 7-14 days after operation, and the erythema lasted 1.5-4 months after treatment. The incidence of pigmentation was 44%, the incidence of miliary papule was 84%, and other patients such as scar, high sensitivity and infection accounted for 9%. In addition, although rare, there are reports of life-threatening systemic infections requiring hospitalization.

CO2 lattice laser

Therefore, in order to avoid these side effects, non exfoliative laser appears, which can greatly improve our skin problems, and the penetration depth is much better than that of penetrating laser. The penetration depth of non exfoliative laser is better than that of CO2 and Er: YAG laser. The most commonly used are 585 and 595nm pulsed dye laser, 1320nmnd: YAG laser, 1450nm diode laser 1064nmq switched laser and intense pulsed light. The non exfoliative laser acts on the dermis to trigger the damage repair mechanism and avoid the damage to the epidermis. Although the side effects of non exfoliative laser are few, the effect of improving the symptoms of photoaging is limited.

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