CO2 dot matrix laser can effectively remove wrinkles and spots

laser co2 fractional

CO2 dot matrix laser technology is a great innovation in the field of Dermatology and Cosmetology in the world. It was first published by Dr. Rox Anderson, a laser medical expert of Harvard University. It is an updated minimally invasive skin cosmetology technology and is known as a better way to treat scars and pigmentation.

The treatment principle of CO2 dot matrix laser technology is to use dot matrix (i.e. focal fractional photothermolysis) according to the principle of photothermal action, the far infrared with the wavelength of 10.6um acts on the skin surface evenly in the form of micro beam, instantly vaporizes acne pits, removes scars, tightens pores, tender and firm the skin, stimulates the proliferation of dermal collagen fibers, and improves the texture and skin color of the skin. Due to the normal skin around the treatment area, it is greatly shortened It can shorten the healing time, so as to realize safe and effective skin change. It is a skin change method more suitable for Asians at present. It has remarkable therapeutic effect in comprehensive skin rejuvenation, scars, acne scars, wrinkles, stains, large pores, rough skin, photoaging skin, etc

CO2 dot matrix laser has three hands, namely super pulse mode, active FX and deep FX, so it has a wide range of clinical indications. Generally speaking, it can help beauty lovers solve the following problems:

  1. Wrinkles

It is effective for all types of wrinkles. It is expected to improve a level clinically, and a few patients can achieve amazing wrinkle removal and rejuvenation effects. The effect of 5-10 years younger can be seen one week after treatment. In the next year, wrinkles will continue to decrease with the regeneration and remodeling of skin collagen.

  1. Scar

All types of scars except keloid are suitable for dot matrix laser treatment.

  1. Skin neoplasms and body surface masses

Such as flat wart, syringoma, fat granule, sebaceous cyst, common wart, pigmented nevus, vascular nevus, senile plaque, verrucous nevus, etc.

  1. Skin pigmentation disease

Refractory coffee spots, freckles, sunburn, inflammatory pigmentation, freckle like nevus, hemangioma, black hair nevus, etc.

Generally, good results can be obtained after 1-2 times of CO2 dot matrix laser treatment. For deep acne scars, the treatment times may need to be increased.

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