Can dot matrix laser shrink pores

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Can dot matrix laser shrink pores? Skin relaxation and aging will lead to large pores, which will not only affect the beauty, but also produce skin diseases. The method of shrinking pores also came into being. The more popular method is the dot matrix laser method, which uses the laser thermal effect to reduce pores. So can dot matrix laser really operate on pores?

Can dot matrix laser shrink pores

1、 Working principle of dot matrix laser shrinkage of pores

The laser rejuvenation project of dot matrix laser is divided into many small lasers by a cluster of lasers, which can directly lead to the truth of human facial skin Deep in the skin, stimulate the subcutaneous tissue of the damaged part to complete the repair and proliferation, making it true The skin forms a lot of collagen and rearranges it. Dot matrix laser divides each pulse light into nearly 100 micro laser pulses, and each micro laser spot is only 75 ~ 100um. When these small laser beams are effective on the skin surface, they will stimulate the apoptosis of aging human cells after heating, so as to mention aging human cells with new human cells and improve the effect of coarse pores on the aging face.

2、 Can dot matrix laser shrink pores

Although lattice laser can shrink pores, ordinary non exfoliative lattice laser is better than exfoliative lattice laser for shrinking pores. This is mainly because non exfoliative dot matrix laser is not easy to bring wounds to the skin after treatment like exfoliative dot matrix laser. Ordinary non exfoliative dot matrix laser is not easy to bring scars, and the surgical recovery period will be faster. Therefore, little fairy women who need to shrink pores can do face through non exfoliative dot matrix laser.

Non exfoliative lattice laser: Shuttle lattice laser, pivotal crown lattice laser (i.e. photon rejuvenation project)

Exfoliative lattice laser: CO2 lattice laser and pixel lattice laser

3、 Will dot matrix laser shrink pores repeatedly

In general, if the beauty seekers pay attention to the sunscreen isolation and moisturizing before and after the dot matrix laser, and change the rest time to a regular situation, the actual effect of the dot matrix laser shrinkage of pores is not easy to repeat. The reason why it is not easy to repeat is that there will always be new human cells when the dot matrix laser stimulates the skin. Therefore, if you pay attention to maintenance, the skin can maintain the appearance of small skin pores.

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