Can CO2 dot matrix laser remove acne scars?

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On the road of fighting “acne”, the sunken scars and acne marks left by acne can not be solved by daily skin care products, resulting in patients suffering. So, can CO2 dot matrix laser remove acne scars?

CO2 lattice laser is a minimally invasive laser treatment technology. It not only has the rapid and significant effect of invasive treatment, but also has the advantages of less side effects and short recovery time of non-invasive treatment. Compared with the traditional laser, the dot matrix laser emits a laser as thin as hair and arranged in a matrix, which can directly penetrate into the skin dermis, evenly punch small holes, instantly vaporize the tissue at wrinkles or scars, send out the signal of synthetic collagen, and then start a series of skin biochemical reactions such as tissue repair and collagen rearrangement.

CO2 dot matrix laser provides individualized treatment for surface and deep skin, which is very suitable for scars after acne. The laser generated by it can vaporize the acne marks and pits after acne, stimulate the regeneration and reorganization of skin collagen, immediately shrink the collagen inside the skin, and fundamentally improve the texture of the skin.

CO2 dot matrix laser locates the key repair parts, reduces the volume of acne skin, and peels off the abnormal tissue on the skin surface. Treat skin pigmentation and damage on the surface, and make the skin with acne marks and pits as smooth as possible.

CO2 dot matrix laser can vaporize and peel off the scar. After treatment, it can not only reduce the treatment pain, but also prevent postoperative pigmentation; It has powerful hemostatic function and improves the comfort of acne treatment.

Is CO2 dot matrix laser safe

  1. Precise positioning

When using CO2 dot matrix laser, the light wave can selectively act on the root of acne, only repair the damaged skin, effectively avoid the damage to normal skin, and the whole treatment process is fast and fast. The course of treatment is short, the effect is fast, there is no obvious pain, and the effect is ideal.

  1. Non invasive treatment

CO2 dot matrix laser can play a direct role through the human epidermis, without surgery, injection, filling, no obvious stimulation to the skin, and the operation is simple. It can go after treatment without special care. Generally, it does not affect normal work and life.

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